Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Chicago Media Icon: Bialek Has a History

We have Herman Cain, newly GOP front-runner, winner of the Florida, Nevada, then Chicago Tea party straw poll. Deeply religious, a wife of 43 years, a successful career. An inspiration, a game-changer.

We have a week of sexual harassment rumor and innuendo fostered by Politico, headed by former Sun Times Dem hack Roger Simon. Anonymous accusers, anonymous accusations...

Enter Gloria Allred. Enter Sharon Bialek of Chicago, who's held a series of jobs and has a history of money problems. Then there's the matter of the National Restaurant Association HQ in Chicago and the Illinois Restaurant Association connection--with a public charge in the past of the threat of sexual harassment being wielded by Dem Daley.

We have the sicko undertone festering on the left.

But how interesting, now we have a liberal Chicago media icon, an award-winning [added background link] investigative reporter Bill Kurtis, Mr. CBS, casting doubt on Bialek's story. He didn't like the flimsy story, the innuendo, but he thought Cain was toast. Then he got in the CBS elevator. Listen.

Herman Cain press conference this afternoon.

More. Chicago Sun Times, Michael Sneed: Witness says Cain accuser hugged him during Tea Party meeting a month ago 


 Update: Thanks for the link. Legal Insurrection: The pushback against Sharon Bialek begins
What really hit me about the Bill Kurtis comments is that he's center-left. He's a very solid investigative reporter--it would be very uncharacteristic of him to make these kind of insinuations if he didn't grant them validity himself. All this in Obama's home town, in the shadow of Obama HQ, and in this all Dem all the time city.

More. Sharon Bialek, “Remembered by a co-worker as a time-waster, and rabble-rouser. If she didn’t get her way she cried sexual harassment” 

More. Thanks for the link, Pundit & Pundette.  I agree we need to be very careful with rumor and innuendo--it cuts both ways. Sexual harassment is a legitimate issue and still exists in the workplace. Going after the alleged victim, as we've seen with Paula Jones, Gennifer Flowers, Kathleen Willey, and Juanita Broaddrick (rape alleged in her case) as the PC media did on behalf of Hill and Bill is vile and reprehensible. That said, there can be false accusations and they can be difficult to rebut. Where does someone go to get their reputation back. We will have to watch this one play out, but I think the pushback in Chicago is remarkable.
Cain on late night with Kimmel. More. Memeorandum thread.

A few of my tweets from last night:
Chicago woman accuses Cain of sexual harassment. She doesn't want to sue but she hired Gloria Allred. So who's paying:
15 hours ago

Cynical dissection of the Sharon Bialek claim at WLS 890am Chicago. Counting mention of boyfriend
14 hours ago

Her career has been in media, media relations. Maybe she'll accept money for another story
10 hours ago

Sex harassment claimed used by Dem DaleyMT : IL Rest.Assoc's O'Grady, former R.Daley Chief of Staff(hmm,mm)
8 hours ago


Jane said...

I don't have time to listen to the whole audio link.

What does Bill Curtis actually say on the mike?

Anne said...

He says even though he thought the politico stories were flimsy, after the Bialek charge he thought Cain was toast. But then he went to work and got an earful at CBS, where Bialek used to work as well--he heard "she has a history" and thinks the situation she described may actually be the reverse.

In other words, she's the aggressor, Cain the target

Anne said...

He thinks Cain has staying power