Sunday, September 09, 2012

CTU out for blood, on strike

Check my fevered tweet stream.

Meanwhile, Joel Pollak has a succinct take.

I am mad, but actually impressed that Rahm and the CPS made their best offer and laid it on the table, walked away. A 16% increase over 4 years rejected by the union at a time when many parents are getting no raises at all or struggling to find work. Teachers pay only 3% of their health care costs and make on average over $70,000 a year, while parents ave salary is $30k or $45k depending on your source.

They objected to evaluation, merit pay--and air conditioning, etc, etc.

Clearly teachers were primed to strike. They want to make a power play with a new mayor.

They may have made a huge miscalculation.

P.S. Chicago Charter schools are not represented by CTU. They will be open as usual, as will Catholic and other parochial schools. Places that don't hold kids hostage.

More. WGN recap.

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