Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Ann Romney Winning Pinterest

On interactions. Big with women. The Hill:
"This represents the first year that Pinterest, now the 3rd largest social media network, has been around during a presidential election cycle," noted Apu Gupta, the CEO and co-founder of Curalate. "Pinterest provides us an opportunity to see how people engage with candidates and their spouses in a more emotional and visual way. This really is about humanizing the candidates and the spouses and finding content that enables people to form a more emotional connection to the candidates and their spouses."
More people view, comment on and like Ann Romney's content than they do Michelle Obama's. That could be because Ann Romney often shares and comments on her own images. Her most popular images, according to Curalate, are recipes.
Her most popular pin so far is banana bread, but many Happy Halloween returns of the day with this candy corn cookie recipe, right up top:)

Am repinning it now:)

P.S. My friend Mary emails:
  The Rocky & Bullwinkle Show had a "Fractured Fairy Tales" segment where a novel spin would be put on an old tale.  Reminds me of Team Obama's take on the world.  You can't believe what you hear and see, only their re-telling of the story.  "The economy is growing."   "Fast & Furious was a gun sales promotion."  "Benghazi was a hostile movie review."  "Taxes do not impact personal income."  "Business regulations have no cost."  "You can keep our own doctor with Obamacare."   All, Fractured Fairy Tales.
Trick or treat. I choose treat.

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Rose said...

It's always a treat to get your take on things. Happy Halloween.