Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Crushing debt is our children's biggest threat

The yet-to-be born are truly our most under- and unrepresented citizens and taxpayers. The real test of compassion isn't just your level of caring for people who are close at hand but your concern for the invisible people whose suffering we can only imagine and who have no choices about the world in which they find will themselves.
We already can glimpse the future. Just the payment of interest on our already crushing debt has robbed the struggling and impoverished of countless billions of needed help. In Illinois, our debt has cut dramatically into medical and other kinds of assistance so important to the desperate.
This isn't just an issue for the presidential election. In Illinois, ungodly unpaid obligations were rung up as if we didn't care about the burdens that would befall our children — just as long as "we" (meaning public employees) were not just comfortable in old age but prosperous beyond the lifestyle of struggling taxpayers.
Suit filed by CTU, others seeks to overturn pension law

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