Wednesday, June 25, 2008

No Pastel Michelle

Well, the dress she wore on The View is being snapped up, though she hasn't inspired a fashion line like her languid spouse (it's Obama who is pastel, you only need to look at his logo...
You notice, though, his campaign colors are a little off. A shade pastel.
...and his latest emblem, latest fundraiser.) But is Michelle's supposed subtle makeover a success?

Initial reaction from the normally reliably liberal LA Times was that she was (still) pushy. And a sympathetic Congressional Quarterly says the makeover is a myth. But then they like her message.

And apparently the Dems think she's just the ticket to go after upscale voters in the 10th district just outside Chicago, her neighbors to the north. Will she tell them they are ignorant too?
At least she's mostly wearing a dress--she has to distinguish herself somehow from her better half...uh.

UPDATE: Will Obama really be good for families? Many small businesses are run by women, more than one-third--and minorities, and small businesses are the prime job creators in America.

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