Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hope for our Testy President: Krauthammer will write him prescription for valium

The SEIU mob didn't hit the Chicago suburbs today, rather roughly 30 clogged the sidewalk (how did they get a permit for that) in front of a federal building housing the INS office, complete with their usual bullhorn to mouth the usual hackery, practically more media than SEIU. They look like office guys not workers--workers who will be negatively impacted by a boycott of Arizona.

Aside from the Arizona law, which merely enforces U.S. law the president refuses to enforce--most Americans want border security first. Sen. McCain asked for that at a meeting with the President this afternoon. The president was not in agreement and got testy. Now they're sending troops down, but not enough. Why didn't the president even say that at the meeting.

I'm watching Special Report and they are mostly incredulous at the White House's bizarre handling of the issue.

Maybe our President Barack Obama was in a hurry to get to his fundraiser.

Stop by FoxNews on the way, Mr. President, Charles Krauthammer has offered to personally write you a prescription for valium.

We know you like to wield the bullhorn bully pulpit, with emphasis on the bully, and the SEIU are your best buddies, but that doesn't go over well with most people. Most of us don't wear purple shirts, carry identical signs, and use taxpayer money to retire at 50 or so with full benefits. P.S. Obama is coming back to Chicago this weekend.

Perhaps we should encourage our testy president to take early retirement--we'll be happy to foot the bill for that--hang out in Hyde Park, you probably would do less damage. Yes you can go give speeches with Bill Ayers. And maybe Bernardine might like to tag along. Don't let her drive though.

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