Monday, May 17, 2010

Palin: We are all Arizonans Now

AZ Governor, Palin Criticize AG Eric Holder For Not Reading Law. RCP

Palin: "We Are All Arizonans Now"An unerring instinct for getting to the heart of the matter and connecting with Americans.

Tide Turning in Favor of Immigration Law - Robert Robb, Arizona Republic

More. Combat conditions on the border--coming from the traffickers. The American Thinker

P.S. Drama still swirls from last state dinner as Obama's second one nears. The Hill.

Gee, will our oh so jokey President Barack Obama open the gates at the White House dinner?

More. Ramirez cartoon.

Related. Dan Proft: Highland Park H.S. Provides a Real Education with Girls Basketball Flap

And Highland Park HS's school board meeting tonight does not have the AZ hoops controversy on the agenda. Chicago Tribune. Hopefully they will allow a time slot for parents to speak up--that is the practice at most public meetings even if an issue is not on the agenda. (From their agenda it looks like citizens will have to wait until the end of the meeting to comment on issues not on the agenda--that is pretty standard, but this is overwhelmingly controversial decision--taken with no public debate or comment, nor even advance notice to the parents of the students involved)

More. FYI folks.

And the Obama administration apologizes to the human rights violator China. Powerline: Apologizing For Arizona

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