Thursday, June 24, 2010

Note to Chicago Media: CAIR is a Hamas Front

And who let Tariq Ramadan back into the country?

Imam to file suit against state poilce

Group challenges Muslim chaplain's dismissal from force

This is obvious to anyone who takes the time to look--and has been for years. The state police are right.

Chicago media should not even give CAIR the time of day. They should be treated like a neo-Nazi organization, worse.

Thankfully our police are not engaging in this kind of behavior.

And could you media sensibly cover the Hizb-ut-Tahrir conference in Chicago this summer? Not to mention the Islamic Society of North America conference here July 2-5. Who's their speaker on the 4th of July weekend--oh, I see our governor, Pat Quinn will be there, speaking. Not President Ahmadinejad of Iran this time. Keynoter is Tariq Ramadan, in favor of the extinction of Israel and a "moratorium" on stoning women. Apparently the Obama administration has lifted the ban on allowing him into the country. Is Bill Ayers' spouse and fellow terrorist Bernardine Dohrn on the program again? A few tips for terror? Oh, I see they have some of the "peace flotilla" participants--proxies for Iran's state-sponsored terror objectives, talking about the imperative to break the blockade. The infamous Fatima Mohammadi is going to hold forth. And George Galloway.

Maybe Sun Times reporter Rummana Hussain, who's going to be there on a panel, will ask Fatima Mohammadi a few questions. Or Nadia Malik of the Daily Herald.

I look forward to it. For sure.

Related. And what are the implications of this Supreme Court ruling? Perhaps that will be on the menu at ISNA. Or perhaps not.

Related. Video. Muslim Leader Admits Islam Not a Religion of Peace. Ya think?

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