Monday, June 21, 2010

Your Joe the Biden in Chicago

Hey Joe, you're the guys always talking about the previous administration. Clout St:
Biden said that if you “listen to the Republicans, you’d think that all our good days are behind us.” Republicans, Biden said, "believe their only success is in our failure" while the vice president said the administration's failure would be America's.

“The only thing that’s going to prevent us from where we want to go is timidity and we don’t need more timid people,” he said.
Um. Is he talking about the president?

The administration currently in power is committed to liberal ideology--to the notion that "government" is the solution to every problem. Faced with two actual crises--one economic, the other ecological--the administration has been ineffective and directionless. Meanwhile, it has poured great energy into remaking the country to deal with problems that are either far less urgent or nonexistent, such as health care and global warming.

The administration, that is, has set its priorities according to ideology rather than real-world contingencies.
And Joe Biden is in town to elect an Obama wannabe and carpetbagger like Dan Seals, and a miserable failure like Alexi Giannoulias--only successful at lining his own pockets at our expense.

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