Saturday, June 19, 2010

Travelin' Man Alexi Giannoulias

Joe Birkett on Alexi Giannoulias' Bank Deceptions Video.

The Giannoulias campaign attacks slip into farce (again). NBC5:Papa Don't Teach: Is Giannoulias Overreaching with Kirk Attacks?

His campaign shoves people around and Alexi postures as the scourge of Big Oil while his political director lobbies for BP and he trolls for the big bucks inside the beltway

Lately seen scuffing the courts with another of Barack's basketball frat brotherhood. Call him a snake-oil salesman, call him a travelin' man. Peddling pure slime. Now he wants to get his greedy hands on a Senate seat. Comment from a Sun Times reader on Sweet's piece:
These two a--holes are wearing street shoes on a beautiful gym floor. I guess they're entitled!
It's characteristic of this guy. He's shameless.

Are we going to let Alexi Giannoulias get away with yet another gross violation of the public trust?

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