Sunday, August 29, 2010

Islamic Sophistry

Former WTC prosecutor Andrew McCarthy: Another "Moderate" GZ Mosque Supporter--Why They Can't Condemn Hamas. (By the way, read the Hamas charter. They consider Rotarians eeevil. And as for women--just terrorist incubators)

After they kill the Jews, who's next. Hamas is a Sharia supremacist group--if you don't condemn Hamas, you don't condemn Sharia. Who among us wishes to live under brutal Sharia law. They want a terrorist theocracy.

This Islamic sophistry and Western appeasement has been going on for some time: Free Speech is a Two Way Street. Our allies look askance at our president portraying Americans as bigots. (Well, we're not surprised, but it is shameful, shameful behavior for the leader of our country.)

When President Reagan referred to the Soviet Union as an evil empire, and asked Mikhail Gorbachev to tear down the Berlin Wall, he gave succor to those prisoners of conscience in the gulags.

What message is President Barack Obama sending to moderate Muslims who are being persecuted worldwide? Well, many Iranians have learned to their sorrow.

The video McCarthy references below.

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More. Powerline, via Memeorandum:

Since then, we have learned that the radical ideology behind 9/11 is not quite as alien as we thought. Some portion of the American Muslim community - presumably small, but we don't know how small - is drawn to it.

Moreover, what looks like a considerable portion of those who hold themselves out (and are held out by the MSM) as leaders of American Muslims refuse to disassociate themselves from terrorist groups. They don't countenance al Qaeda, though they do blame America for that outfit's terrorist acts. But they won't repudiate other bloody terrorists, notably Hamas.

Thus, while only the most highly informed Americans probably could have imagined terrorist plotting or even pro-terrorist rhetoric in an American place of worship back in 2001, many can imagine it now, and with reason.

Read on.

With reason. Because we begin to recognize Islamic sophistry. For some time we have known that it's hard to turn the other cheek when the other guys want to cut off your head. Perhaps that's why the real moderate Muslims we keep searching for find it hard to speak up.

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