Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Recovery Summer Busted in Chicago: Beach Blanket Bingo

Our President Barack Obama says it's a recovery summer. But where are the jobs? One more unemployed person in The One's hometown:
Park supervisor fired over male stripper's performance
WENTWORTH GARDENS | 25-year veteran insists he didn't OK nude male dancer
It's Beach Blanket Bingo for you buster.

How about firing the Park District employee who left work early and took the incriminating pictures.

How about firing our Blago sidekick of a governor, who fired somebody else to CYA.

Where are the jobs?

All that political patronage stimulus money down the Dem rat hole to prop up these buffoons.

We hear the same old excuse ad nauseum.

The referendum is coming in November. Live free or die, America.

More. Michelle Malkin. HT Pundit & Pundette.

More. Ooh, wow, another "surprise": Sales of US Existing Homes Drop More Than Forecast

Treasury Futures Hit New Highs As Economic Gloom Deepens

Despite Martha's Vineyard deluge, Obamas dine out:

Mostly, the Obamas have remained at their rented vacation farm complex. However, Monday night, braving a howling rainstorm, Obama and his wife, Michelle, finally managed to dine out.

More. (Obama still at the) art gallery. Oh wait.

But is it art.

More. In case you missed it, Keith Hennessey tears apart the Left's poor excuse for econ arguments.

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