Sunday, October 31, 2010

CBS Affiliate Conspired in Campaign

No, we're not talking the complacent (or activist) PC media in Chicago. The CBS reporter in particular.

This time it's in Alaska. Roll tape.

More here.

The establishment, PC media alliance. It's the ruling class in action again.

More. Legal Insurrection: MoveOn.Org Rand Paul Provocation Inspires Anti-Joe Miller TV Station in Alaska (More on that--full story with video RedState.) Time for this again, PC media: STOP Lying And then there's this, establishment candidate Murkowski threatened legal action against a radio station for electioneering: EXCLUSIVE: Hannity, Levin Blast Lisa Murkowski's Talk Radio Censorship

...And the
PC media spins.

But now we have the internet: Ridley Scott Predicted Our Fiscal Future Back in the Eighties. Networks refused to run the ad:

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