Wednesday, October 13, 2010

CBS2 Reporter Threatens Journalist Over Rahm Questioning

Here we go again. This is not the first time CBS Chicago has made threats to protect a Dem.

Big Journalism. Video. HT Newsalert.

...Look. Where is the scrutiny? Where is the balance? Where is the reporting?

As we have seen this last weekend
, when Alexi finally gets some tough questions with follow-up outside of Chicago, even the PC media is incredulous.

As for this latest incident on Rahmbo--gee, how did he get that nickname. Isn't he the kind of guy who Chicagoans should take a hard look at? Doesn't this administration's track record--which is similar to Chicago's and Illinois--merit tough questions?

...Of course reporters want to get their sound bites, Rahmbo wants to make his remarks, but treating all reporters with respect right off the bat would have avoided this PC media debacle--and Rahmbo black eye.

Treating new media as second class citizens just illustrates why Americans have tuned old media out and turned to other source of news--and will turn out this administration's Congress in November.

Fixing Chicago will take longer, unfortunately. But the natives are restless. Parking meters have been disappearing. The city is broke, the people are burdened, but they're not taking them for cash or credit.

They're making a statement.

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