Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pollak's Two New Ads

Vs. Dem Jan the job-killer Schakowsky. Biggest Spender, and Nancy Sells Flowers.

Joel Pollak. We need a fresh start.

Retire her already.

More. Jan Schakowsky Faces Joel Pollak – Full Report Big Government:
Despite the fact that we were attending as credentialed media, the Schakowsky camp insisted that we were “trackers,” out to “get Joel Pollak elected.” While we are admittedly not fans of Representative Schakowsky’s positions on many issues, we were not paid to be there by any campaign or party. As challenging as it is for the Schakowsky camp to accept, we are merely citizen-journalists who are not afraid to ask the questions that the so-called mainstream media have failed to ask...
(Like this morning with Rahm)

Jan Schakowsky explains how totally constitutional the health-care ...Illinois Democrat is whisked away by a staffer after failing to answer a voter's question. Daily Caller

She hasn't had a real debate, and avoids townhalls. The one's she's had have been stacked with her supporters who were instructed to shut others up.

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