Saturday, October 23, 2010

Dem Early Voting Down in Chicago

Tony Peraica
Early voting numbers scare Democrats :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Carol Marin via @
It might have something to do with this:
Business Insider
Here Are The 10 States Where Workers Are Still Getting Shredded By Massive Layoffs by @
Last early voting day today.

No wonder Jan Schakowsky is threatening and electioneering.

No wonder Alexi and his allies played the race card, and are charging treason.

No wonder the Dems election boards lied and suppressed military ballots.

Now we gotta get out there and VOTE!

If it's not close they can't cheat their way to a win.

More. Unprecedented efforts by Chicago Republicans and the Brady for Governor and Keats for Cook County campaign.

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