Sunday, October 17, 2010

Dold Polls Ahead, Seals Behind in Fundraising

I wondered about this when the GOP's Robert Dold released an early peak on his Q3 numbers but there was no word from the Dem Seals camp. Now they're out at $639,143 and the gap is about $200,000 to Republican Dold's advantage.

Guess third time's not the charm, as new poll numbers reflect this disparity, giving Wilmette small businessman Dold a healthy lead, 50.26 to 39.02%. The caveat is a the 10% plus undecided. We Ask America results via Newsalert here. RCP here.

Guess familiarity breeds contempt among voters--especially in this year when Dem-run Illinois is bankrupt and the country is headed that way under the rule of the Chicago Way.

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