Wednesday, October 20, 2010

IL Sen: Kirk Pulls Away in New Poll. Alexi Pouts. Plus: The Appearance of Jaws

Taken before Kirk's commanding performance in last night's debate. Rasmussen. 44-40%. The Green Party candidate is getting 4%, cutting into Alexi's numbers. Expect Kirk's lead to widen.

Alexi invokes (nine times) the specter of the eeeeevil Karl Rove. Well, Karl Rove's not going to raise your taxes. Alexi will.

Dems are in charge in D.C. The same Dem machine that Alexi represents, that's run this state into the ground.

What they are saying about last night's debate.

P.S. Sen. John Kerry was in town yesterday campaigning for Alexi. According to WLS he repeatedly mispronounced Alexi's name, despite referring to him as my friend. Hey, Alexi, any news from your Miami Vice buddy?

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