Monday, October 18, 2010

ObamaRahmbo Pirouette

The president gives an interview to his favorite media organ. For now.

So does Rahmbo, his recent chief of staff and newly anointed mayoral candidate. (Perhaps in reaction to his forced retreat from his PC media lovefest/listening tour debacle on the streets of Chicago, prompted by the Kelly Truth Squad.) He picks the reliably Dem Sun Times.

Dan Proft's take on the president and Rahm.

What's with WIND's Amy Jacobson dissing Kelly, who has a show on WIND as well. HT Warner Todd Huston, who pegs her well.

Does she think only network reporters have the right to ask Rahm questions?

It's very telling that she dismisses the questions Kelly asked about residency and the stimulus as settled. No. They're not. The stimulus is a campaign issue because it has been a miserable failure. And Main St. missed out while cronies did well. Bloomberg asks that question in print these other so-called Chicago reporters didn't. Even the president just admitted to the NY Times there were no shovel-ready jobs.

The Chicago "reporters" asked softballs.

You know, if Rahmbo is on a "listening tour" then he can listen.

If he wants to hold a news conference, set one up. If he's going to bar new media from his news conferences, well then he'll have to deal with that fallout.

But let's not pretend Rahmbo is "listening" to anyone.

Nor is the president.

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