Monday, October 18, 2010

A Dance for Allah. On the Altar of the Basilica in Florence

Video. HT Newsalert.

This is sacrilege.

Even if you're not a Catholic it is a terrible disrespect.

Next will they blow up the Ghiberti doors, as they blew up the Buddha in the desert in Afghanistan. Right before 9/11.

France is on very high alert again.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel says multiculturalism has "utterly failed". An underworld where extremism is never questioned. The latest cell came from the same Hamburg mosque that spawned the 9/11 terrorists.

Free speech hangs in the balance.

Top Islamic Cleric Threatens U.S.

It's decision time for the faint of heart.

Other news:
7/7 inquests: victims' stories
7/7 inquests: survivor attacks restrictive rules that slowed emergency services down
4 are found guilty in NYC synagogue bomb plot case
Soldier: Dying woman at Fort Hood cried 'My baby!'


Quite Rightly said...

When will America wake up?

Anne said...

I know.

It's scary every which way you look.

We have to pull together or we're sunk.