Monday, November 01, 2010

IL-10: Dold Up By 9. Walsh Edges Bean IL-8

This was one the GOP really worked for--it's an open seat in a swing, inner suburban district of Chicago. Independents are propelling the Senate prospect of Republican Mark Kirk, who previously held the seat, and in Robert Dold's case indies are breaking his way.

The big issue--jobs. As a small businessman whose family has lived in the district for more than a few generations, Dold is well positioned to hold the seat. (Or maybe it's his sense of humor:)

In Illinois 8, has Melissa Bean's ObamaCare vote deservedly sunk her? Or maybe it was her FAIL on the Pledge, or Gitmo flip-flop. VOTE Joe Walsh!

We Ask America here, which also has Kinzinger up in the 11th, Hultgren in the 14th , and Schilling in the 17th:) In most races there's a greenie vote. They're all pretty tight. So get out and

VOTE your guts out.

HT Newsalert.

More. Brady: Illinois GOP Leads Nation in Phone Calls Working our guts out. Indies going for the GOP in the Senate and race for Governor as well.

We've seen the Dem and Obama future--it doesn't work.

More. GO Cedra!!!

Chicago Young Republicans, working for Isaac 4Honesty Hayes to toss out the corrupt Jesse Jr.


Young Republicans in Chicago Eagerly Anticipating Election Night Results

Since the end of the February primary, the Chicago Young Republicans (CYRs) have been planning for Election Day. As Victory Centers opened across Illinois to support Mark Kirk, Bill Brady, and the other Illinois Republican candidates, CYRs played a critical role in the push for reform. Through large-scale fundraising and individual contributions, in May 2010 the CYRs opened their headquarters in the heart of Lincoln Park. This office has since become the hub of Republican Get Out the Vote efforts in Chicago and one of the top-performing Victory Centers in the nation. With help from numerous organizations and campaigns, the Chicago Young Republicans lead the way in reaching Chicago voters, abruptly ending the days of Democrat hegemony in the Windy CIty.

But our influence extends to more than a physical Home Base for area Republicans.

The CYRs tout a dozen members running for both state and local offices this year.

In the past five months more than 300 Chicago Young Republicans have consistently volunteered their time, with amazing results:

- Made over 100,000 phone calls to voters
- 1,500 precincts walked
- Tens of thousands of pieces of literature distributed to voters
- Yard signs planted at homes and business in every part of the city
- Polling places staffed with dozens of Young Republican lawyers, election judges, and poll watchers.

The CYRs know that for statewide candidates to win in Illinois, they must capture a sizable share of the Chicago and Cook County electorate. Our enthusiastic efforts are aimed at turning out Chicago Republicans and Independents to send new, fiscally responsible leaders to Springfield. This is the only way to repair a broken Illinois.

We have out-worked and out-campaigned our counterparts on the Left. The Democrats, in contrast, feel entitled to the votes of Chicagoans, doing little to actually earn their right to rule. We are confident that tomorrow, on Election Night 2010, our tireless efforts to challenge the political status quo will prove this is no longer true. Even in Obama’s backyard, the Republicans are here to stay.

NOTE: CYRs will gather to celebrate election night and watch returns starting at 8:30 pm at the Cubby Bear (1059 W. Addison in Chicago).

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