Monday, November 22, 2010

This president is not respectable

The mainstream media is MSM no more--that's why I call them the PC media. Same goes for what Jack Cashill calls the Respectable Conservative Media. Well actually I don't consider them conservative, I consider them finger to the wind moderates, the vestiges of the Country Club Republicans of the Ruling Class. Stuck with an outdated template. This is what Cashill says about Obama--he's been writing about this for some time:
He has always known that he is not as competent as he has appeared -- as a writer, as a thinker, as a student, as a senator. His "luck" derived from the fact that he grew up almost exactly as privileged white people do but in the body of a black man.
This is what I wrote back in 2007:
And I don't object to Obama as black, or as a person of faith, I object to him as a liberal. I would further say that for him, being black is an asset, perhaps his only political asset---if he were white, he'd be just another liberal son of privilege who went to Harvard Law, and did a little community organizing while filling in the time before admission.
I do wonder though if he really does admit to himself the limits of his competence. Look at his best friend. (If Michelle ever dumps him look out.) I think we will eventually find out, no thanks to the ruling class media. Cashill continues:
The problem for the RCM is that they no longer control the information flow. In fits and starts, the blogosphere has done most of the real reporting on Obama.
They don't control the info filter any more.

e will choose our own Republican standard bearer in the primaries thank you very much.

...And let Ulsterman keep chronicling the juicy leaks or whatever they are.

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