Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Are we not going to nominate a woman?

I have seen a similar vitriol waged against Bachmann. I think any conservative woman will get the same treatment as Palin. Are we going to not nominate a woman because women are not electable?

What concerns me is that we will end up with another candidate that will always pale in our mind when comparing HIM to Palin. I don’t want to be thinking in 2013, we should have picked Palin, we should have picked Palin.

We have already seen Thune vote to make government bigger with that food bill. We have already seen Newt appear with Pelosi supporting Global Warming nonsense. We have seen Romney already support a large intrusion by a government in Health Care. Just as we have seen Mc Cain completely mishandle the Tarp bailout. They all may seem electable today, but would we in 2013 be saying. “We should have picked Palin.”

Some say Palin is the new Reagan. I think of her as the new Goldwater. He lost mainly as a side-effect of the Kennedy assassination. But his legacy may at the heart of the whole tea party movement. We certainly don’t need another Nixon or Bush in the White House.

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Photo from TEA Party protest, Melissa Bean's office, March 2010
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We Can Win This Fight. For our children, and our children's children.

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