Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Note to "Buzz". Not the Lightyear

Buzz Graettinger said he was a New Trier school board member in 2000 when Rumsfeld was last honored by his alma mater. But Rumsfeld's involvement with what turned out to be inaccurate assertions of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq make him unfit to receive an award, Graettinger said.
You're wrong. Wrong.

You guys keep this up New Trier's vaunted reputation for intelligence is going to be questioned.

...Minds to inquiry has been under PC assault for some time.

...Gee how come this video:
Most recently, Jay Levine of Chicago's CBS 2 News reported on the building of a taxpayer-funded half-million-dollar daycare facility Superintendent Yonke oversaw for teachers in the district. CBS Ch. 2 Chicago's New Trier High School Day Care Report
...is no longer available?

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