Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Classic Leftist Enclave Evanston on Ban Rampage

They want to ban plastic AND paper shopping bags. Let's see, right now I go to a grocery store there right over the border. I used to live in Evanston in my young married days pre-house, so I've shopped at this store for over 30 years.

If this goes through, no more.

Earth to Evanston--even greenies are freaked out more by the economy than ephemeral and discredited global warming.

Other Evanston gems through the years:

Considering chicken coop limits.

Home of Northwestern University, which harbors Bill Ayers' unrepentant terrorist spouse, lately live-sex for students.

Most damaging for the future of the town--eliminating their honors English.

Leftists destroy freedom and their communities--and who is left to care who can afford to bail them out this time?

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