Monday, June 20, 2011

This Chicago Lawyer. A Harbinger of Quality Decline

Golly gee, every day we read of people and companies leaving Chicago and Illinois--why the city's population is down to 1920 levels--perhaps because this Dem one-horse town and state have sent a big fat big gov signal to the market of we the people. But Mr. Geoghegan is for the little guy, yessiree. He's in favor of American Enterprise, sure thing.

Why then does he feel the need to make sneaky apple to orange comparisons and invoke sly snobby leftie bigotry against the South? Didn't you know, sir, even black inhabitants of Chicago are heading where the jobs are? And trying to escape the city's crime. Crime.
Anne Leary

6 hours ago

Anne Leary

10 hours ago
Perhaps it's the Dems, this Chicago Way administration, and its lawyers, who are a threat to American Enterprise.

...And who can forget these high quality union workers touted by our President Barack Obama. In that rust belt town: 

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