Thursday, June 23, 2011

Obama: Let's Trash Magnificent Mile. Winning the Future

Give those flash mobs something to really sink their teeth into. Chicago to host NATO, G-8 next year

Gee, what could happen."they're not striking corporate targets (because that's Ok), they're striking people's homes". Leftist journalists damn police if they do and if they don't. What are these leaders going to do that's useful anyway. One commenter from Toronto suggests next time they meet on a BP platform so we can minimize security costs.

 Let's trash the Loop, let's fire up the mob, rented or otherwise. And how bout those terrorists.

And since we don't have concealed carry, it'll be open season on those who don't rate taxpayer funded bodyguards.

But maybe our President Barack Obama is really hoping for a rerun of '68's Days of Rage. Bill Ayers and friends still have some life left in em. Maybe they can paralyze another police officer.

Gee, this could be way more exciting than the Olympics

Oh wow, more "unexpected" news: Jobless claims rise more than expected

Meanwhile, on WLS Don and Roma show they're discussing rampant food stamp fraud. People are calling in and texting about Link cards being used for bail, buying lobster and wedding cake by a woman with a designer purse, and openly traded for drugs and prostitution.

Oh yeah, it's trash and party time in the Windy City. But it'll be prestigious for Rahmbo and The One.

Anne Leary

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