Friday, June 24, 2011

Why is a woman who has so little care for her child that she would sentence her to death be lauded as enlightened?

This is the open wound American feminists have visited on us since Roe v Wade, even as life in the womb is open to those with eyes to see.

Every year the consequences become more horrifying, as girls' lives are held more cheaply than boys' in many countries of the world. Gendercide.

Yet Western feminists, as Lori Ziganto notes, navel-gaze and ignore the war on women.

Oh so sophisticated, concerned with their own lying or see no evil agenda while denying life to millions of their sex.

Turning a blind eye to sex-trafficking.

Providing political cover for those who value women most as mothers or Hamas-dependent widows of suicide bombers.

Even as this way of thinking encroaches here.

Defend women, defend life, defend Western Judeo-Christian values. If you who call yourselves feminists don't embrace true enlightenment, who will be left to defend you?


DarcsFalcon said...

It's heartbreaking that so many women are predating on other women.

Anne said...

Yes. Sad and sick