Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dem Dayton shuts down Miller-Coors in MN over $30 fee

So there is someone at the state still working to tell them to pull the brands, but nobody to turn on a computer so they can self-renew their $30 licenses? I think the wrong state is recalling its governor.
Petty tyranny. I'd say that describes Dem Gov. Mark Dayton to a T.

Some bars took precautions, others are tapped out. Fortunately the liquor stores aren't state-run.

Republican Sen. majority leader Amy Koch's op-ed in the Strib:
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Meanwhile, next door in Wisconsin, Republican Gov. Scott Walker is repaying the debt owed Minnesota, since its budget is now balanced. (Despite Dem legislative fleebaggers, renegade judges, and union rent a mob protestors trying to shut down that state.)

Dayton has a strange proclivity for shutting things down--as Senator he fled DC after an unspecified terrorist threat, shutting down his office, the only legislator to do that, earning him a rating from leftie Time magazine--worst Senator.

Now he's the only governor in the country who's shut down his state, not agreeing to a balanced budget.

But then he's not used to working for a living. And I'm sure his personal chef and gardener, deemed essential taxpayer-funded services by Governor Dayton, can serve him up a cold one on a silver platter in the garden of the mansion.

Jake £oesch

Well, you can get Leinie's at the Chippewa Falls, WI source, and there's always the Boundary Waters for a Foster's.

Escape up there, with or without a fishing license.

More. Bloomberg:
The company disputes that it failed to file the paperwork and fee in time and is talking with state officials, said Julian Green, a spokesman for the No. 2 U.S. beer company.
More. MN Senate Republicans with the governor's shutdown timeline in new video:

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