Friday, July 08, 2011

"Wake Up", Women of America

That 3 am call question hitting home today on the economy and the future:
Mind-Numbed Robot
by backyardconserv
1 hour ago
In every state, but most particularly one party Dem-run Illinois. Calling Out Collar County Women This will be the country's future if we don't WAKE UP, especially given these job numbers this morning. The president's about to give another speech this morning. Ha.Ha.Ha.

Women take the long view, drop O in droves 

Obama base threatened: affluent suburban voters may vote R on economy

More confirmation Obama losing women

This is a key swing vote, women are the majority of independents, and a lot of them have become involved in politics for the first time as tea party leaders.

We need more women of America to wake up, before it's too late. This was made in 1986, but the 3 MSM networks wouldn't air it: Related post: Is Obama Trying to be like Jimmy Carter?*Intercontinental Edition

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