Friday, August 19, 2011

Murder in Turkey, Civilization Shrinks: Irish Moms Over Marriage

This is really disturbing. A "youth" wants to marry the 15 year old daughter, whom he presumably met at the northern Irish parents' Turkish vacation place. At least the mom is opposed, but trustingly sets off with another mom and the boyfriend to meet the other family near Izmir, the Pearl of Turkey:
A Turkish news agency claims the girl's teenage boyfriend stabbed the women in a frenzied attack because he was not allowed to marry one of the daughters, believed to be Shannon.

Turkish police questioned the girl's 17-year-old boyfriend, named locally as Recep C, who initially denied any involvement with their disappearance.

But following a search of their estate blood-stained clothing was reportedly discovered in a bin.
Read some of the comments:
As a Turk I am disappointed how my country is going. Would all you happy holiday makers who visit turkey every year consider Iran as a holiday destination? I say this because turkey is heading that way. The Turkish pm himself has advised women to not work and stay home to have minimum 3 children. Is this equality to you?

- defne, herts, 19/8/2011 15:27

" No wonder we are a laughing stock! We've hardly picked up the glass off the streets from the riots, a young lad of 14 was stabbed in a London park yesterday, Derek Bird shot people in Cumbria last year, every day in the DM parents are killing their children left right and centre...but the this "green and pleasant land" is safe right?!! Ignorant, stupid people some of you...too thick to even be embarrassed by your racist, ignorance! '- Vee, London UK, 19/8/2011 14:49-----Have you checked out the murder rate of women in Turkey? It has increased by 1,400 percent between 2002 and 2009 - to over 953 in the first 7 months of 2009 - God knows what it is now. I would suggest a bit higher than the UK.

- Bob, London, 19/8/2011 15:21
Well, what a great prospective son in law and spouse. I still remember a longtime Western resident of what we think of as cosmopolitan Istanbul, Claire Berlinski, coming out in favor of banning burkas after being called a whore in the street.

Practicing Muslims outstrip Catholics in France, but lest we think it couldn't happen here, think again.

Muslims themselves are victims of other Muslims' persecution, and not all in this country approve of supremacist sharia and its apologists.

But we have this murder, the veil, and the hidden hand of terror.

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