Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Latino Clout Unites GOP and League of Liberal Women Voters in IL

Against the Dem redistricting map:
The new map is viewed as political payback to Republicans who picked up four seats from Democrats in the 2010 election while holding onto the 10th District on the North Shore that Republican Mark Kirk gave up in successfully winning a Senate bid.
The lawsuit alleges that the current ear-muff shaped West Side and suburban district held by Democratic Rep. Luis Gutierrez was packed with additional Latino population to the detriment of giving Latinos an additional district or more influence in neighboring districts. Illinois saw a growth in Latino population of more than 30 percent.
Today the LOWV filed their lawsuit. Will this have national implications, as the leftist women's group hopes? Probably not anytime soon, but I'm happy they responded to my taunt, uh challenge:)

It will probably take more challenges, this time by voters, to demand compact maps drawn up by non-pols. Perhaps this will be the next campaign for the TEA party once we the people toss O out of office and restore the Constitution and fiscal solvency.

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