Tuesday, September 27, 2011

No Irish Need Comply

Where Burchard depicted Irish Catholics as drunks, Warren portrays working Americans in the private sector as greedy. Where Burchard slurred Catholicism itself as "Romanism" -- a common anti-Catholic slur of the day -- Warren slurs the American free enterprise system and entrepreneurship itself with the caustic line: "You built a factory out there? Good for you…God bless….."[snip]

Today, in the world of Elizabeth Warren, those Irish Catholic voters have become Tea Party supporters or just plain and simple hard-working Americans of the middle class. In particular, millions are small business men and women struggling in a hostile business climate to create jobs -- a hostile climate engineered precisely by Warren and her Obama Administration colleagues And it is surely one of history's more delicious ironies that in fact it is exactly the Tea Party members who have been assailed with all manner of slurs (racists, Nazis, greedy, etc., etc.) in precisely the fashion of Irish Catholics in 1884.
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