Thursday, October 13, 2011

Call your O-ffice David Axelrod

Obama's marketing boo-boo 

I imagine the Pritzkers aren't too happy at being harassed either. Join the crowd

And then there's the unacknowledged Ayers (and Bernardine) lurking in the organizing! wings, and Jesse Jr.'s coup.

Out of the halls, into the streets, all ready for Days of Rage in Rahmbo's struggling Chicago (one of the few jobs bright spots)

(Anything to say Rahm)

Have a nice day, Dem class warriors

P.S. Coming down the pike, your worst nightmare:) ...Rasmussen: Poll: Romney, Cain Statistically Tied with Obama

Anne Leary
Civil rights timeline.Don't get your history from Hollywood,Larry:A History Lesson for Lawrence O'Donnell: via
11 Oct

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