Monday, November 07, 2011

Grannies Make Soup for OWS, Pushed Down Stairs

Over the weekend most, if they heard of it, were shocked by the Occupy DC crowd using children as human shields in an attempt to block exits of a conservative gathering honoring Reagan. Later, a 78 year old woman fell down the stairs as protesters blocked exits, then abruptly gave way.

Today's Tribune covers some sweet old ladies with Hyde Park aging-hippie sympathies making vegan soup for Occupy Chicago. Have they heard about the criminality in DC? Most likely not. As for Occupy Chicago, it's more, shall we say, professionally run but may be even more sinister. (Gee, what's going on in Boston) Here's some of the rap sheet so far.

Democrats have run ads about Republicans throwing Granny over a cliff, but it's Occupy DC that's nearly doing them in.

The OWS "movement", just like the TEA party, oh for sure, is so equal opportunity even men are getting raped now, while women segregate themselves in pink tents. Progress-ive indeed.

Small businesses in Oakland are seeing their livelihoods destroyed, while their leftie mayor vacillates.

Day by Day.

P.S. But Clinton appealed to American values.  Obama likes to stick it to you.  He seems to gets a kick out of it.  These stunts have a gleeful quality.  They are sadistic theater.

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