Friday, October 28, 2011

the distinct and practical possibility

From a NYT guy who actually knows numbers and is honest about their limitations: Herman Cain and the Hubris of Experts

I'll put in my punditry. I have been to a few anti-war demonstrations in my time. I have NEVER seen such a huge grassroots movement from the center-right in my life.  We are in unknown territory as a country, driven there by the overwhelming spending, debt and massive hubris of the establishment know-it-alls.

This is the taproot that has fostered the rise of Herman Cain. This is why the country hungers for the clear-cut tax on a postcard Gov. Perry defines, to get the government off our backs and out of our lives.

Yes, this is the real issue. We see it as a case in point in Chicago, Illinois.

The country is occupied. Stupid or evil.


P.S. Private-sector job-creator, libertarian and 1%-er Peter Schiff the other day at OWS. And he went back:)

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