Friday, December 02, 2011

A photo ID is un-Democratic?

RCP video: Wasserman Schultz: GOP To "Rig" Elections By Requiring A Proper I.D. To Vote

So DNC chairwoman and Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz goes on and on about polling places "in every state of the country having the technology in place to compare the voter's signature", but it's too much trouble to require a photo from voters?

In this digital age, when there's a camera on practically every device?

Is there security going into public Congressional buildings, hmm, Debbie?

Aren't photo IDs commonplace in everyday society?

Given that vote fraud routinely occurs in mostly Dem-run cities, (presumably sanctioned by the White House) I wonder, Debbie, why you're not more concerned. Only in Dem primaries, apparently. Or not.

Plan B for Dems, already in play--absentee ballot fraud.

But while the Obama Justice Department is pursuing the “motor voter” allegations, it is ignoring the anti-fraud provisions within the same law, Sen. David Vitter argues in a letter addressed to Attorney General Eric Holder.  “Motor Voter” falls under Section 7 of the NVRA, while the anti-fraud provision is included in Section 8.
“Section 8 requires states to conduct voter roll cleaning to purge ineligible felons and dead voters from corrupting the election process,” Vitter wrote.  “The two provisions act together as counterparts, but it is evident that the Justice Department is not enforcing them equally.”
J. Christian Adams, a former Voting Section attorney with DOJ, said during a November forum at Tulane University Law School, that the Obama Justice Department is “philosophically opposed” to enforcing the law against fraudulent voting. (See related story). Adams also identified five parishes in Louisiana that have more people listed as voters than they have residents who are eligible to vote.
P.S. In other news...Chicago: "Police suggest drivers ask for a photo ID"


pathickey said...

Now, Debbie 'Marble Mouth' should burkha up and toss on the veil.

Anne said...

It's only fair:)

pathickey said...

To all of us, Annel especially the children.

Duct tape would help.