Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mitt's 7 % Solution

Mitt wins Illinois handily so PPP, the Dem outfit, is already polling Romney's vacationing family dog on the car roof story. Well, whaddaya know:
A new Public Policy Polling survey finds that 68% of registered voters polled said they think that in general, it is inhumane to put the family dog on top of the car, compared with 14% who said it's humane and 18% who weren't sure.

That said, when told by pollsters that Mitt Romney had done so, 55% said it didn't affect which candidate they would support, while 35% said it made them less likely to support Romney and 7% said it made them more likely to support him.
That may be a way to bring in those back to basics Ron Paul supporters. This could be the margin of victory!

Then there's Taranto's theory--Romney's use of nice guy as an epithet, branding an incompetent Obama.

It may work.

We know O wouldn't have the guts to put Snoodles on the roof (well, unless he were convinced she'd turned Republican. Michelle might if it were a matter of vegan national security or something) And then all you gotta do is imagine Barack--in a Volt.

Chevy Volt - Building a Better Tomorrow from Mister Smith Media on Vimeo.

More. Pundette with remarks, and thanks for the recommended read.

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