Monday, April 23, 2012

Aunt Bea's Terror Spree

She's at it again.

We haven't heard this charge in a while, but David Axelrod says so, so it's gotta be true: Axelrod: GOP "In The Thralls Of This Reign Of Terror From The Far Right"

You'd think she'd abandoned the rolling pin and grabbed something more deadly.

How about the morning newspaper: 1 in 2 new graduates are jobless or underemployed...

Though the NY Times needs extra!, extra! help to understand the news dominating the country: At The NYT: Clueless Blue Deer Meet Onrushing Truck

How about a calculator.

Yes, David Axelrod, like the current chief White House spinner, Jay Carney is a former "reporter". Carney most notably compared Daley's Chicago Machine city to Mayberry, John Kass makes the catch in the context of the Obama campaign.

The real reign is one of misery for millions of Americans.

How about an open mind.

How about telling the truth.

We may not be a Mayberry nation, but many of us care about a cause greater than ourselves. America.

P.S. Hilarious week lined up for Obama, prez to appear on Fallon, Kimmel to roast him at White House dinner. Just hilarious Another One Down? Dutch Government Near Collapse
European political fears send euro, shares lower

 --thanks for the recommended read, Pundit & Pundette 

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