Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Morning Skyline

We sold our house in the suburbs and downsized to rent in the city. My spouse gets to walk to work and I get to walk the dog, cuz you can't just let her slip out the door.

I can't say I enjoy the lines and paper shuffling at City Hall to pay for the privilege of a car tax sticker--it's not like I was trying to vote or something, maybe I should have said I was David Axelrod.

I can't say I appreciate Greenpeace/Occupy/rent a grievance on the streets, but there are moments like this.

P.S. And keep your mitts off my plastic bags.


jill said...

Wow! Though we aren't there yet, I've often thought about such a move and wondered what it would be like.

Anne said...

I am just thankful I survived the move:)

It was easier to get rid of my stuff than the kids'--I have the walk in closet full of packed away baby blankets, precious toys and sentiments of childhood. The books I mostly took up to our summer cottage for rainy day reading.

I think if I didn't have that bolt hole it would have been harder, though I've found pockets in the city to hear bird song in the morning--assuming I get up early enough:)