Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The un-entrepreneur

The un-Cola, the unproductive, the uninspired, despite the Obama administration/permanent campaign's attempt to portray their "entire office... designed to resemble a Silicon Valley start-up" as the real thing.
We can never know exactly how the economy will react to policy, but it's the parameters of the conversation -- based largely on fiction -- that are probably the most harmful part of this distraction. Despite the implicit message of the president, wealthy people are not wealthy because they are taking something from the poor or from government. And they don't stop anyone else from being wealthy.

And the wealthy did not create our debt; government did. Government -- this administration in particular but all of them in general -- is, by nature, risk-averse and never deals with the consequences of its failed "investments." It is the un-entrepreneur. Really, should the head of an organization that annually spends $1.6 trillion it doesn't have be setting the parameters for a discussion on "fairness"?

Barack Obama is the un-harmonious.

We the people. The American people.



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