Saturday, May 19, 2012

Firebombs, a mortar gun, swords, a cross-bow, throwing star, ninja knives and knives with brass-knuckle handles

Sun Times: Exclusive: NATO protesters planned to attack police stations:
The NATO Summit protesters charged with plotting terrorist acts in Chicago planned to target President Barack Obama’s campaign headquarters and Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s home — and firebomb police stations and squad cars to divert attention, according to sources and prosecutors.
But yeah, they were just a bunch of tourists in town to make some homemade beer in Bridgeport.

...From the Sun Times story:
Chase’s uncle, Michael Chase, said Saturday that his nephew had driven up to Chicago from Miami in late April with Church and other protesters who had been taking part in the Occupy movement there. He said Chase had a job at a restaurant in Boston, but quit to take part in the movement there, before traveling to Rhode Island, Washington D.C. and Miami to live in tents and take part in Occupy.
He said he believed Chase had been arrested before for minor civil disobedience, but nothing this serious.
“He told me he was going to be protesting,” said Michael Chase, of New Hampshire. “He gets a little carried away and does a little elbow bumping with police but certainly nothing like you’re describing. “... I’m quite shocked. He’s not above doing dumb things but nothing like this.”
On Jared Chase’s Facebook page, he says he’s a deejay and posted a graphic of his name with two automatic weapons below it — which his uncle says is because he is a “wannabe rapper.” The page says he is studying 3D animation and game programming and says he has his own marketing and promotions company.
On one music site, a blogger identified as Jared Chase of Keene, N.H., tells a rapper: “I hope you got kids or a wife so I can cut there[sic] throat while they sleeping, and then rape them after there dead.”
On Facebook, he listed other protests he was involved in, including a May 1 event in Chicago when demonstrators blocked the entrance to Bank of America downtown.
I might have met this guy. Lovely.

More. Video from Breitbart, earlier in the week. The moronic chanting f the police tape.

More. Legal Insurrection:
While in custody, those detained apparently were fed White Castle, McDonald’s, and bologna sandwiches. The three will be arraigned Saturday at noon in bond court.
Cruel and unusual punishment for sure.

Both Chicago newspapers dramatically downplaying suspected NATO bombers' Occupy ties. I'm sure they'd do the same if they were Tea Party.

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