Saturday, May 19, 2012

Not beer but terror cocktail

Chicago Tribune: 3 men face terrorism charges stemming from pre-NATO raid, the product of a month-long investigation.

Last night the occupiers outside the CPD's Area 4 HQ were tweeting for snacks, while they were protesting the "political" prisoners. You want to think you're all noble while enabling this nonsense or worse--get your own snacks.

Get a life, more like it.

More. Professional Demonstrators Show Up for NATO Summit Weekend 

Motley group tears down banner.

I would add nurses abandoned the "Week Without Capitalism" demonstration after their Robin Hood dance, and were later seen, still in their red shirts, laden with shopping bags on the Magnificent Mile.

...But we know liberals live to disturb the peace. Enough already. In contrast: Related posts: Around the Bend of the Bean, BicyclesNOTBillyclubs.OccupyChicagoMEETSPolice, An Occupy camp is a great incubator for domestic terrorism, Into the Red Zone, Chicago May Day, Grannies Make Soup for OWS, Pushed Down Stairs, Lord of the Flies/Occupy Oakland

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