Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Massacre and Misogyny

 The world has intruded again on our domestic tranquility, such as it is, with this, our most excellent president in the halls of history.

I don't follow Lady GaGa but it's hard to miss this one.

In Saudi, religious police follow a woman around the mall. Thankfully she has smarts and a camera, and the regime is not as harsh as others. Zealots go after McDonalds. Progress, I guess. Will we see this next in the West.

... France: Muslims stone Christians in church during Mass - Jihad Watch

We are already there on another front, misogyny ushered in by leftist feminists. We have seen the next step, massacre of innocents by the state. Beyond that? Life is cheap, and society's bedrock institutions and the children they protect are expendable. Cowards and Killings.

And then there is Syria, now Iran's client state, which probably harbored Iraq's WMDs, those developed after Saddam Hussein's Iraq used chemical weapons on its own people. Syria has engaged in massacres before. At Hama years ago, stronghold of the Muslim brotherhood. Now Houla: An 11-Year-Old Boy Smeared Himself With Blood And Played Dead To Escape A Syrian Massacre:
 He stood at the back of the entrance to his home as the gunmen killed his mother, five-year-old sister and one of his brothers. When the men shot at him and missed, the boy put blood on his face "to make them think I'm dead."
Iran has sent Revolutionary Guard forces into Syria, to prop up this horrific regime.

Who will take down Syria. Who will take down a nuclear-arming Iran.

And what will come in its place.

Let's have no illusions. But a world without strong U.S. leadership is a dangerous place. And smaller every day.

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