Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Obama would deny Mother Teresa

As Catholic enough.

Our President Barack Obama and his nanny state would assault the religious freedom of a saint. And although many Americans are unaware of this battle for the spirit of America, they are coming to know:
Encouraging signs from a newly-released Knights of Columbus-Marist Poll:
“…the survey found that nearly three in four Americans (74 to 26 percent) say that freedom of religion should be protected, even if it conflicts with other laws. Majorities would also protect the First Amendment conscience rights of hospitals, health care workers and insurers. [snip]
“Strong majorities would let individual health care providers and organizations opt out of providing: abortion (58 to 38 percent), abortion-inducing drugs (51 to 44 percent), in vitro fertilization treatments that could result in the death of an embryo (52 to 41 percent), medication to speed the death of a terminally ill patient (55 to 41 percent) and birth control pills (51 to 46 percent).”
Who would deny the care of the poorest of the poor, an act of great humanity, can be suffused with great religious faith.

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