Wednesday, May 23, 2012

NTHS Rejects Healthy. Does FLOTUS Know About This!!!

My kids old tony north shore high school where The Young Communist Club has been known to debate on the same team as the Dems, Rahm's old stomping ground, has gone bonkers. Seriously, if this isn't an indicator of the end of Let's Move chic I don't know what is. The essence of PC suburban shtick has cut loose:
New Trier High School is giving its food vendor a second chance after it apparently offended the palates of students and staff by providing an overly healthy selection.

Aramark Educational Services took over the lunch and catering program at the North Shore district in August. Aramark instituted a "strict implementation" of the district's wellness policy, which requires 75 percent of food and beverage offerings to meet National Alliance for Nutrition and Activity health standards, according to school administrators.

The company went overboard, administrators said. It cut all fried foods and monosodium glutamate. It also made all breads, pastas and tortillas with wheat. "

So, obviously, the students rebelled against that," said Don Goers, associate superintendent.
And the parents--they had to make bag lunches. The torture.
Sales dropped off. And, according to school board member John Myefski, parent involvement with the lunch process increased.
"I'm sick of packing lunches," Myefski said.
Um, why aren't the students making their own.

Has New Trier allowed a Meat Club? That was frowned on a few years ago, but perhaps will be a viable option, with the new menu:
School board President Al Dolinko cautioned the company, however.
"This is now on a short leash," Dolinko said, "as short a leash as it can be."
Does Barack know.

P.S. Postal Service ranks Chicago high for dog attacks
(Do they know something we don't know?)

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