Monday, June 04, 2012

Wisconsin Showdown

Privileged populists:
This state, the first to let government employees unionize, was an incubator of progressivism and gave birth to its emblematic institution, the government employees union (in 1932 in Madison, the precursor of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees) — government organized as a special interest to lobby itself to expand itself. But Wisconsin progressivism is in a dark Peter Pan phase; it is childish without being winsome.
Wisconsin has produced populists of the left (Robert La Follette) and right (Joe McCarthy). On Tuesday, in this year’s second-most important election, voters will judge the attempt by a populism of the privileged — white-collar labor unions whose members live comfortably above the American median — to recall Republican Gov. Scott Walker.
Occupy this, occupy that. Children of "progressives". Union intimidation and thuggery. It's the Obama way.

There's Illinois next door, Obama's home Dem paradise: "We do not believe in merit pay". Bankrupt ideas, bankrupt state.

The stage is set: Engage, America.

More. I grew up in Wisconsin, some I know are out there demonstrating, but to others, who really care about the future of our kids, don't let them down again, like your Dem major FAIL neighbor to the south. The country is counting on you.

Flashy phony Jesse breezes into town.

Latest RCP polling here. Looks like the mo's with Walker.

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