Thursday, May 24, 2012

Fetisheers Take On Union In Chicago

Welcome to these allies in the pushback against brazen union intimidation. More alleged or otherwise union thuggery:
Krongaard also accuses UNITE HERE of using questionable tactics to advance its agenda. He said that in years past, convention vendors had been "harassed" and "subtly threatened" by union supporters and that several had been contacted at their homes or places of business by name and leather title, effectively outing them to coworkers and neighbors as participants in the leather subculture. Specifically, Krongaard says 2010 International Mr. Leather winner Tyler McCormick was called at work and identified by name and leather title to the company switchboard. He also says the stress of dealing with protests contributed to the death of former IML coordinator RJ Chaffin in 2011, of heart failure.
Unions are the new robber barons, extorting cash from people, enforcing conformity, and at worst, taking entire states hostage.

Enough of the truly rough stuff.

But what this also illustrates is there's a war on between traditional Dem supporters, like these conventioneers at big Dem Pritzkers' Hyatt, who want to get on with business and with life, and those who are enlisted in the radical Obamastan thugocracy, official or otherwise.

God forbid people should exist as other than Obamanomics drones.

They might question their support for Barack. Perhaps they already have.

HT Memeorandum.

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