Monday, September 10, 2012

Does O side with Union Bosses over kids?

What do you think, America
While their results are dead last, Chicago teachers are among the 1 % of teachers in the country at upwards of $70k plus bennies--for nine months of work. Chicago parents average salary is in the mid $40's:
Regardless of where Chicago teachers currently rank in salary, Civic Federation president Laurenence Msall said there’s one big roadblock to a big raise for teachers.
“It’s math. It’s not really politics, as much as it gets caught up in politics. The financial situation of the Chicago Public Schools is dire. The situation of the State of Illinois – that provides significant funding to the Chicago Public Schools – is dire,” he said. “The property tax payers in Chicago are beleaguered. They’re seeing a drop in their property values, and to be asking them to pay increased property taxes, so we can fund increased salaries for employees is something that’s gonna be a very tough political sell.”
Msall said there’ simply not enough money to support a significant pay hike for the teachers. “The only way that they will find money to increase some teachers’ salary, is we’re going to have to reduce the number of teachers, and the number of employees in Chicago Public Schools,” Msall said. “There just is no other way to get around it.”
Chicago and Illinois are broke and the Preezie O wants more useless community organizing by teachers while kids are put last. As usual.

Who can forget all the big bucks wasted by Barack Obama and his unrepentant terrorist buddy Bill Ayers on the Chicago Annenberg Challenge. They spent $50 million for nothing. For example:
Thus, CAC funded a Juneteenth effort by the South Shore African Village Collaboration and a peace school but rejected proposals by the Chicago Algebra Project aimed at increasing student achievement and the District 5 Math Science Initiative which was trying to increase the math and science competence of Hispanic youngsters.
And this was the Barackstar's big claim to executive management. Well, we see how that's all worked out in the White House as the country stalls out. Now, should those 56% of Chicago public school students that graduate high school actually graduate college they face a 50% underemployed or unemployment rate.

But then we know public unions are not about educating children, or educational excellence, or even saving their members' jobs. They're in the business to protect union boss power. And the pols they're in cahoots with to loot the public.

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