Wednesday, October 24, 2012

College-educated women swing Romney, Benghazi unravels

It's Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan filling stadiums now. Tuned in women say no to ladyparts lollipop logic. Michael Barone:
The only way Pennsylvania and Michigan can be close is if Obama's support in affluent Philadelphia and Detroit suburbs has melted away.
This also helps explain why Romney still narrowly trails in Ohio polls. Affluent suburban counties cast about one-quarter of the votes in Pennsylvania and Michigan but only one-eighth in Ohio. [snip]

In particular, college-educated women seem to have swung toward Romney since Oct. 3. He surely had them in mind in the foreign policy debate when he kept emphasizing his hopes for peace and pledged no more wars like Iraq and Afghanistan.
What's worried me about Obama these days is that his appeasement will take us from the chaos of leading behind in the Arab Spring to a terror-state nuclear Iran.

It's much the same worry I had with Jimmy Carter, that he bowed and bowed before dictators and threats all the while gutting our military, that we might only be left with a nuclear button ourselves.

Dead ambassadors are a warning we can not ignore.

The resurgence of asymmetric threats in Chicago and NYC.

And now the Benghazi lies unravel: WH Told of Militant Claim 2 Hrs After Libya Attack - Hosenball, Reuters

Bob Woodward: Obama 'mistaken' on sequester

State Dept emailed WH Situation Room on 9/11 reporting terrorists' links

Has our President Barack Obama's luck run out?
As luck would have it, Obama became the recipient of the good will incurred in the wish to atone for sufferings that befell other people. And as luck would have it, he was able to defeat Hillary Clinton because, as a black academic, he was able to assemble a unique coalition.
 Given his busted promises on jobs and the economy, given his bleak lack of vision:
The party of progress in a liberal democracy is the party of growth. Economic growth would reduce joblessness, increase take-home pay, generate additional revenue for the Treasury, improve the condition of the poor, and diminish the widespread sense of national anxiety and decline. Growth would act as a salve on our acrimonious, polarized, and bitter politics.
Which party stands today for growth?
And given his handling of Benghazi,  these sentiments have to be the norm now:
I don't want to call the President a liar. I have used the term "Calculated Deception" many times before to describe it. But now it has come to the point where history will remember him as "the Liar President." That is not my fault. I am only discussing reality.
The Death Stare didn't go over big with women. Can we get a president who deals with the world as it is? Who is responsible for his actions and his country? Who puts our security first, not his political survival? Who can stare down our enemies, enlist and back our allies to employ sanctions with real bite on rogue states and, if it makes sense, negotiate from a position of strength.

Peace through strength is an enduring message.

And the hope again for jobs and prosperity at home a beacon.

Victoria Toensing: Obama Overloads a Tale of Equal Pay

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